The 2nd World SME Conference 2019

Yanqi Lake Initiative for SMEs to Participate in the Green Development on the “Belt and Road”

As the spirit of ancient Silk Road continues, a new spirit is carried forward in the new era. As the backbone in the building of the “Belt and Road”, the role of SMEs is fully leveraged to provide continuous industry cooperation and support for regional connectivity, as well as for economic and social development. Significant responsibilities and the mission bestowed upon SMEs to achieve the green development on the “Belt and Road” by tapping into strength and experience. As the conference is drawing to an end, we call on each SME to:

I. Pursue the vision of green development and make a broader space for cooperation between SMEs. Green is the important guarantee to the sustainable development on the Belt and Road. In response to 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations, ecological and environmental protection policies, regulations and standards in different countries and regions are respected, industrial exchanges are reinforced, and advantages are complemented for each other, in order that the “Belt and Road” projects are imbued with green and environmental protection.

II. Improve technical standards and share the innovation dividend of resources. SMEs are encouraged to work together for ecological and environmental protection standards, as well as for technology innovation in countries along the “Belt and Road”. With efforts to pursue low-carbon and environmentally-friendly technologies and to speed up green construction of infrastructure, environmental products and trade in service are further facilitated. In addition, the green supply chain and value chain are forged. That aims to accelerate the green development on the whole industry chain in various links from production, circulation and consumption.

III. Integrate and pool superior resources and establish the “Belt and Road” service platform. Relevant service institutions are heartened to offer legal, commercial and HR services to SMEs in the full process of participation in the “Belt and Road”, for instance, investment, business operation, incorporation, technological R&D, setting-up of industrial park, financing and merger. In this process, they help SMEs to evaluate, identify, prevent and alleviate risks, safeguard credit and ensure compliance-based operation.

IV. Play the major role in advancing the green development on the “Belt and Road”. SMEs are the major force in building of the “Belt and Road”, and hence should carry the pursuit of green development, ride the tide of time and accommodate to regional development. The better use of the “Belt and Road” Initiative brings about new opportunities for transformation and upgrading of SMEs, and helps to carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road, and implement the principle of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. Efforts are intensified to set the example of green development, leading the “Belt and Road” to progress on the low-carbon and environmentally-friendly path to economic prosperity.

We are duty-bound to carry on green development. On the road of pursuing the “Belt and Road”, we exert our strength to work for wealth increase of the people of all countries and for harmoniously and steadily green development.

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